Liidhaga Roleplaying Tips

You were raised in a city full of art and history, much of which is sinking into the swamp. Maybe you live a life of convenience and luxury, or perhaps you're a simple dockworker, but either way you spend your days surrounded by buildings older than many nations. The richer your family, the more likely you devote yourself to the arts or scholarly works, perhaps to the extent of becoming a patron to others; your family's wealth is also a factor in just how good an education you had, although the vast majority of the city's population is literate and can speak a smattering of one or two other languages. You are prone to being passive, but not pacifistic.

If you are a native of Liidhaga but not a dhaja, you no doubt have to work twice as hard as your countrymen to be respected in the city. This is particularly true if you are a goblin, whether native or visiting from afar.

Depending on whether or not you subscribe to the tenets of the Sevenfold Method, and how you personally interpret them, you may even be opposed to the reclamation of Old Liidhaga; to you, the city was meant to sink.

Cities Liidhaga

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