Livathi Anatomy

Livathi possess both lungs and gills, and can operate comfortably in both air and water alike; they do poorly in extremely dry regions, however, as their skin begins to dry out if not regularly moistened. While not fatal, this is extremely uncomfortable. Similarly, if they cannot regularly refresh the seal of clear mucus enveloping their bodies, their swimming ability begins to suffer slightly.

Being aquatic carnivores, their sense of taste is extremely limited. Conversely, they can follow scents through the water for miles.

A livathi can make sounds similar to whalesong when underwater, in addition to a collection of clicks, whistles, and chirps.

Their speaking voices are typically very high-pitched and squeaky. Livathi voices actually drop several octaves when singing, and aside from the significant volume are otherwise indistinguishable from other species' so long as their song continues. Many prefer to sing-speak through conversations as they sound less ridiculous this way.

Nonplayable Species Livathi

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