Loa Saray Architecture

Loa Saray is built on and around the Kruashiki River delta, with the river being funneled through numerous canals running through the city; unlike Liidhaga, some of Loa Saray's buildings are built directly on the water and moored to the river bottom, rising and sinking with the tides. Involved brickwork similar to the Mudéjar style of the real world is an iconic part of the city, or at least those parts built on dry land, while elaborate black ironworks for fences, gates, and similar decorations crawl across large and small structures alike. Trees, vines, and flowers grow on and around several of the buildings. Some roads are paved, usually with pebbles or crushed shells. Loa Saray is also notable for its large number of bridges.

Cities Loa Saray

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