Loa Saray Clothing

The local fashions of Loa Saray involve multiple layers of brightly-colored clothing, or alternately a single massive layer wound several times around the body. Fabrics need to be light and breathable to be comfortable in the Darcant heat, with both cotton and silk extremely popular; along with brilliant colors, Loa Saray's signature textiles involve bands of repeating geometric patterns. While silk is more common here than in most other parts of the world, it still serves as an indicator of wealth. Jewelry made from natural materials, like shells, feathers, or animal teeth, are popular with both sexes, and usually worn in large amounts. Headscarves, bandanas, and similar headgear are also a common sight. Women traditionally wear their hair longer than men do, and tying small objects like ribbons or beads into one's hair is a mild status symbol.

Sashes are more common than rope or leather belts. They are typically adorned with tassels or pieces of metal, such as bells, and are more likely to come in one or two solid colors.

If they stay primarily within civilized areas, locals from this city tend towards open-toed shoes or sandals; those who regularly explore the swamps and waterways outside usually prefer heavily-reinforced boots with relatively little decoration.

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