Loa Saray Cuisine

Loa Saray's cuisine is heavily focused on rice, rice noodles, seafood, eggs, sausages, and vegetables, with complex combinations of seasonings; while not as hot as Moorvic cooking, it can still be unpleasantly spicy to diners used to blander food. Most meat is marinaded before cooking unless it has already been cured; for example, chicken would be seasoned, while smoked fish would usually not be. Stews and gumbos are consumed for at least one meal a day, and most houses have the same pot of slow-cooking food on the fire for days at a time. Some visitors to Loa Saray are put off by the locals' fondness for improvising snacks from the local wildlife, though the locals themselves see nothing wrong with eating fried insects, having alligator-meat dumplings, or buying snake on a stick. The city also has a fondness for sweets, particularly fruits or fruit syrups, bean pastes, and honey-based delicacies.

Cities Loa Saray

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