Loa Saray Government

Loa Saray is governed by a King or Queen, a collection of elders selected from the most influential local families, and three "wise ones" to serve as spiritual go-betweens and whose positions are determined by an open contest held once every five years. Most wise ones have significant magical experience, and therefore tend to not leave Darcant's borders in favor of not being executed for witchcraft.

The position of King is usually determined by lineage, though it is not unknown for a childless monarch to declare an unrelated party their successor, or for the child of the current ruler to be declared unfit to rule. In instances where the King dies and no clear heir is established, the current wise ones are tasked to divine the new royal bloodline. Kings and Queens are expected to act as warchiefs in times of strife; those born into the position are trained to command, ride, and fight from a very young age, regardless of sex, and new Kings traditionally lead a boar hunt through the surrounding swampland as a show of strength shortly after taking the crown.

The elders' duties involve advising the monarch regarding potential alliances and trades with other factions, particularly the merchant houses of Moorva, as well as serving as liaisons between their related families and the King. Infighting is common, though rarely to an extent that it renders the elders as a whole useless.

Wise ones are viewed fairly charitably, especially if the King is not magically-inclined himself, as the city's relationship with the loa is considered to be far more important than the approval of the people actually living in it. Royal wise ones generally do not last long if they abuse their posts, though this is more because their actions are closely scrutinized by others than out of any sort of supernatural wrath.

The city has a significant number of nobles with very little power beyond having a family name and more money than the average layman, though they are all expected to be able to contribute a minimum amount of resources in times of war; those seeking a noble patron in Loa Saray find themselves dealing with a system halfway between that of Moorva's political dance and Ydra's militaristic hierarchy of thegns and jarls. These lesser nobles are almost always associated with one or more elders.

Most citizens of Loa Saray have the right to own land or weapons, the only exceptions being slaves and branded criminals.

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