Loa Saray Roleplaying Tips

You live in one of the richest cities in the world, and even if you aren't one of its wealthiest citizens you probably have a reasonably comfortable life (or at least as comfortable as one can expect for living in a swamp). While you might have weapons training, especially if you are a guide or hunter, it will usually be in addition to some sort of formal trade, and scholars or entertainers are very common where you come from. You are used to living surrounded by color, sound, and activity in a city that is just as active by night as it is by day; if you travel abroad, or even to smaller settlements in Darcant, you might find the slower, quieter life a bit frustrating. You live between the boundaries of river and the ocean; if you are a sailor, you might specialize in moving goods down the Kruashiki instead of sailing the high seas. Working around the spirits of the dead is an everyday occurrence. While you probably are not a magician yourself, you know (or at least know of) a few people who are, and likely don't understand the fuss other lands make about it. If you do practice magic, you are probably smart enough not to advertise the fact when out of Darcant.

Cities Loa Saray

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