Manene the Star-Mother rules the clear night sky, watching over travelers on their journeys and mothers with their children. She is the wife of Shes and has borne him many children, called Stormcrows and other names. Manene was originally one of the Findahlir, and caught Isengrim's eyes when they were torn from his sockets by Reynhord, the Prince of Foxes; she bundled his eyes together and hung them in the sky, creating the moon. She was stolen by Shes after he spotted her in the heavens during his pursuit of Reynhord.

She is fair, with eyes as black and fathomless as a night without stars, and her pale hair reaches to her feet. Manene dresses oddly, even for a god, for she wears a long bolt of white fabric lashed in place with cords instead of proper clothes. Her features constantly glitter with diamond tears shed during her constant longings for days gone by. Manene carries a staff at her side, which she also uses as a bobbin when weaving the Northern Lights.

Her symbol, the Loom of the Sky, is a pair of V shapes crossed to make an X, their vertices forming its lower points. Her aspect is the swan.

The proper name for a follower of Manene is a Manenist.

Religions Hroendir

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