Lament measurements are usually not an exact science, being primarily the domain of people without precise tools nor much need for them. They use similar names to modern measurements for the sake of convenience; a list of those weights and lengths used in the game is provided below.

Lengths and Distances

Handspan: 15-20cm or 6-8 inches.

Stride: A bit under a meter or a bit over a yard. One stride is five handspans.

League: About 2.5 miles. One league is 5,000 strides.


Pound: 300g or about 2/3rds of a modern pound. The most common unit of weight, generally held to equal the weight of five thousand kernels of wheat. Most everyday commodities (e.g. butter, loaves of bread, etc.) are sold in pounds. A pound in Lament is closer to the Roman measure.

Ounce: 30g or about 1 modern ounce. A thick slice of bread, three medium-sized coins, and two arrowheads are examples of things that might weigh an ounce. The Lament ounce falls between an Avoirdupois ounce and a Troy ounce.

Dram: 3g or about 1/10th of a modern ounce. A very small measure, the dram is rarely used except in trade of rare goods or in alchemy. A dram is about the weight of fifty kernels of wheat. A dram in Lament is closer to the Roman measure, being about twice the modern avoirdupois dram.

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