Menhit Anatomy

Despite being an enlightened carnivore, a menhit has a surprisingly developed sense of taste, nearly approaching that of a human with a mild head cold. They are still most responsive to broad categories, however, particularly sweets, salts, and meats.

Menhit both pant and sweat when hot. Their sweat is relatively inoffensive as far as scent goes, though it is noticeable in large amounts and can cause a menhit's fur to form salt-encrusted spines if left for too long.

A menhit's tail serves as a mild counterbalance, and those who lose their tails later in life often have a period of instability while they adjust to life without a posterior limb. While never so severe as to prevent walking, a newly-tailless menhit often wobbles and overadjusts while moving, and tends to have trouble with acrobatic feats such as climbing during the transition period.

Menhit women have very small breasts, to the point that they are sometimes only noticeable if they are expecting or have recently had a baby. While easier to tell apart than goblins, it sometimes takes a moment or two for a non-menhit to properly sex a member of this species.

They are generally more suited to warmer lands than cold, being derived from savannah- and desert-dwelling stock; their fur is usually not an efficient insulator and they must bundle up like any other species to keep from suffering in the wind and snow.

Playable Species Menhit

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