Menhit Gameplay
Str   Agi   Dex   Per   Hea   End   Wil   Int   Aur   NiV   Dis   Det   Lan   Wat   Phy
 C+    A-    C-    C     B-    D+    B-    C     D     C+    C+    C     A     C-    C-

When choosing a menhit as a character, it's a good idea to keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind; while ideally every possible character combination would be playable, some are easier than others, and some more frustrating. Of course, if you want a challenge, feel free to choose a "bad" match and enjoy the trials ahead!

A menhit has claws on their hands which can be used both as natural weapons—they are superior to fists in terms of raw damage potential—and for skinning and butchering animals. Wearing gloves or holding an item prevents a menhit's claws from being used in combat. Menhit also have naturally dense bone structures around their vital organs which provide natural armor to the head and body.

Though they tire relatively quickly, making them poor choices for endurance fighters or marathon runners, menhit are incredibly agile and almost half again as fast as the average human (who are no slouches themselves when it comes to overland movement), though like humans they're not the best swimmers. They're an excellent fit for any concept which needs to move from place to place quickly and/or avoid being hit.

In spite of their lack of endurance, menhit are healthier than average, and their high willpower can help them find the self-discipline to push themselves beyond their normal limits. Their height and weight ratio is slightly to their disadvantage.

A menhit's intelligence is nothing extraordinary. Their auras are quite bad, however.

They are slightly better than average at seeing in the dark and at long distances. Combined with their respectable strength, a menhit is a good choice for a player interested in making a light archer or spear thrower, especially if combined with stealthy movement.

Menhit are carnivores, and must rely on fishing, hunting, or purchased foodstuffs to keep from starving; many find that they need to cultivate at least some butchering skill to keep their bellies fed.

Playable Species Menhit

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