Metallurgy is a crafting skill that deals with more detailed aspects of metalworking than smithing does. Any craft-related task which involves smelting, melting, casting, purifying, or otherwise dealing with the chemical makeup of metal will usually involve involve metallurgy to some degree; while jewelry is the most visible example, this also includes goods like metal bars and ingots and processed materials like steel.

Objects made with the metallurgy skill generally require a mold of some sort in addition to a lit forge and a pair of tongs; crafts which are cast into a certain shape also require a crucible, wax, and clay. This skill is often paired with smithing for involved tasks like making coils of iron wire, and determines how successful a character is when they smelt metals from ore.

Depending on the metal, several smelting methods exist; to smelt metals (such as iron and copper) with relatively high melting points, however, players will need a smelting furnace and plentiful fuel in the form of charcoal. If the smelter is well loaded and the fire kept hot enough, a mass of metal called a "bloom" will eventually be produced, possibly accompanied by some useless slag.

Smelting furnaces function in most respects like ordinary containers for flammables, such as forges or fireplaces; however, they are more awkward to fill and must be loaded with the "load" command. Some require a forced draft; to keep these alight, the attached bellows must be pumped using the "pump" command.

Iron smelting has one special feature: exceptionally well-smelted iron ore may occasionally produce blooms of valuable steel rather than ordinary iron. The primary ores of iron are bog iron nodules and an iron sand called "red earth".

Most characters are assumed to be able to identify worked metal without using this skill; players who wish for their characters to behave otherwise are welcome to do so at their own discretion.

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