Moorva is an archipelago located west of most of the world, though it has a few territories on the mainland, as well. It has a balmy Mediterranean climate and has a high dhaja population.

Though Moorva maintains its status as a center of culture and trade, it still feels the effects of the Long Winter; birth rates are falling, the once-bountiful land is producing less food each year, and the jungles draw ever-closer to the remaining civilized lands. Cult activity is on the rise. Piracy and banditry is a larger problem than ever before and strains the resources of the merchant houses, many of whom secretly fund their own crews in an attempt to weaken their competitors. While some find it a relief that the neighboring nation of Taamahn is no longer the threat it once was, others view it as a sign that Moorva itself is existing on borrowed time.

Darcant is far south of Moorva, Rekkuris is to the southeast, Ydra lies across the sea to the northeast, and the Isle of Blain is several hundred miles north.

Liidhaga - The oldest city in the world, home of alchemists and merchant princes.
Mahavhi - A quiet hill village with a declining population. Home to orchards and terraced views.
Moorness - Hamlet with docks, cheese, and not much else.

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