Moorva Culture

Moorvic culture is quite mercantile, and remains driven by the rise and fall of the waves. While religious to some degree, most of the Republic follows the Sevenfold Method, which places more value on philosophical or individual pursuits than it does on slavish adherence. While often holding some influence locally, local temples and monasteries are often patroned by local merchants or village heads, who see this as a virtuous duty that may lead to their eventual dissolution.

Older culture is evident further from Liidhaga; rural areas may include the syncretic worship of almost-forgotten deities, or contain the ruins of stelas and shrines from ages past.

Most Moorvic settlements are led by either the richest merchant (who in turn, usually owes loyalty or is in the pocket of a greater interest), or, in a few rare cases, hereditary lineage. In turn, the villages are protected by and trade with Liidhaga, which has an oligarchical republic ruled by rich, older families and particularly influential new interests such as the expatriate Yddr Jarl and several Darcantel-originating traders.

Regions Moorva

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