Moorva Names

Natives of Liidhaga and the surrounding region are likely to have names that are Indian, Grecian, or Persian in nature, or names that evoke the languages of said countries. Since the language most commonly used in Moorva is Moorvic, most names also tend towards the soft consonants and rolling vowels of that tongue. Last names are generally much longer and nasal than given names; those individuals who have a patron occasionally take the optional title of "patroned by [patron's family name]" if they wish to advertise this particular fact.

A few sample names are provided below for your convenience; you are more than welcome to select a name not on this list.

.            MEN'S NAMES                        WOMEN'S NAMES
           -------------                      ---------------
              Aasim                               Aidah
              Bajram                              Basmah
              Dryas                               Cala
              Ehan                                Fayruz
              Ghoshal                             Gienka
              Jahin                               Hiyam
              Keshav                              Khurshed
              Mateen                              Lyris
              Narya                               Maya
              Piero                               Olira
              Qaadir                              Priyal
              Rajan                               Riya
              Sindh                               Sadhwi
              Timurh                              Thana
              Vindhya                             Yasmeen

SURNAMES: Abdiija, Beradhi, Caleema, Dhomaraneep, Maraash, Srinoyos, Vayarhii

Regions Moorva

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