Moorva Roleplaying Tips

If you were raised in a village or on a patron's estate, your entire life (to say nothing of your neighbors') likely revolves around a single trade: wine, perhaps, or making textiles. You might even be a goatherd on one of the more mountainous islands. Unless you were very lucky, you probably don't have very much book learning beyond the ability to read, write, and perform simple sums. Your life has been devoted to learning how to do a limited number of tasks very well, and considering that the sweat of your back is what keeps the artisans' pockets full, you probably take great pride in your abilities. Depending on how well-spoken you are, you may give people the impression that you're a bit of a bumpkin based on your accent and mannerisms. You are more likely to be concerned about events that directly affect your home island than things which influence Moorva as a whole.

If you were raised in a port of trade (other than Liidhaga), you are used to the presence of sailors, and may even be one yourself; it is also likely you are a skilled craftsman or a merchant dealing in trinkets from afar. Large numbers of strangers all busily making deals or moving cargo are normal to you. If you dislike crowds, you have no doubt had a miserable life for most of your years unless you keep very unusual hours. You're generally more worldly than the orchard-workers and dye-brewers elsewhere on your home island, and might be a bit unconsciously smug about this; you are far more likely to be able to converse in other languages or recognize foreign goods than your simpler countrymen. You may be very traveled, or know others who are, and have both a more profitable profession and a more expensive lifestyle than the typical backislander.

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