The Muses

The Muses are an aspect of the Sevenfold Method, being more personifications of the seven different forms of transient genius than actual entities in their own right. They are usually depicted as dhaja women in art and referred to as female in writing. Each Muse is a limitless source of inspiration, temporarily shared with whomever they choose to serve as a vessel. The Muses are rarely seen outside of Moorva; though mentioned in Taamahnese culture, they are viewed more as falsehoods or distractions there than as sources of inspiration.

The concept of a personal muse is not quite the same as that of the Muses, focusing on more intuitive matters specific to an individual.

The Muses—and muses in general—are fickle and unemotional, often showing neither rhyme nor reason for whom they choose to visit, though it is generally accepted that relying too heavily on them, mocking them, or neglecting to show proper respect for their gifts are exceedingly poor lifestyle choices. It is not a guarantee that a given person will ever be visited by any of the Muses, much less more than one of them, so those whose minds they touch treasure their gifts.

Anh Aru, the Muse of Science
Uo, the Muse of Philosophy
Binat, the Muse of Visual Art
Liiveya, the Muse of Oration and Music
Speria, the Muse of Mathematics
Kaloro, the Muse of Dance and Movement
Vasasrileth, the Muse of History

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