The Birth of the Hroendir

In the years before the world was made there was nothing but a great mountain of burning ice. In the mountain's belly the churning chaos gathered, and with a great roar Isengrim, King of Winter, created himself in the emptiness, older than mortal men can comprehend even on the day of his birth. He tore himself from the mountainside, ripping his flesh on the icy shards, and roared in anger. His birth-shout boomed into the darkness and echoed back to him, followed by another: Shes the Storm-Rider, lightning crackling across his wings and in his long, wild hair. Isengrim laughed in amazement, and his laughter echoed back to him, this time followed Jaloschian the Vexer, his mouth a crooked smile and his hands crooked claws. The blood Isengrim had spilled reflected strange patterns on the ice, and the fires caused them to dance; out of these shapes came Roghasoldarian, Mother of Agony, her plaited hair gray and her mouth stained red. The brothers-not and sister-not recognized one another as their own, and spoke a great while. The four challenged and fought one another for a great while, finding warfare to be a pleasing thing, and so dubbed themselves Hroendir, or War Gods.

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