Grisindr Becomes Queen

In the first days before the world was shaped, many strange beasts rose from the waters dug out by Isengrim's claws, and two of the greatest of their number were called Grisindr and Yago, sister and brother. Grisindr the Mysterious was long and lean while Yago, the King of All Stags, was crowned with great antlers. Yago loathed the perfection of the fiery ice and warped the world as he saw fit. Grisindr, however, had plans of her own, and listened to the other gods speak among themselves. A plan formed in her heart as she listened. She urged her brother to ally with the Hroendir, but he would have nothing of it, instead stamping his hooves and vanishing into a grove of his own making. Grisindr left him to his fury and went to see Isengrim. He rose his sword to her, demanding she step away, but Grisindr spoke pleasingly to him, awakening his passion, and he eagerly took her as his wife and queen. Grisindr swore to watch him as he rested. Isengrim slept then, embraced by her cold body, and never did she cease to whisper sweetly in his ear.

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