Zeik-Bogge the Challenger

When Isengrim, God of All Gods, tired of fighting with his brothers-not and sister-not in the first days of everything, he chased them away with a gnashing of teeth so he might find a place to rest his head. He tore into the earth with his claws, freezing water welling up from the furrows, and flung ice into the air to create a raging blizzard. The storm quenched the flames around him, darkening their brilliance, and Isengrim lay down to rest. Many strange things rose from the waters. Isengrim cared nothing for this, and had nearly fallen asleep when the blackness was pierced by burning light. This was Zeik-Bogge the Golden Prince, leader of the Findahlir, known as the Fire Gods, and he held the sun itself as a shield. As the sun's heat melted the snow, Isengrim rose in a rage, the wounds from his battles still fresh. They challenged one another; Zeik-Bogge demanded Isengrim kneel before him, for he had caught the Winter Lord in a state of weakness, while Isengrim fiercely refused to surrender his mantle. The sun blinded Isengrim and he was nearly struck down by Zeik-Bogge's long hunting knife, but his howls of rage had summoned the other Hroendir, who came to their leader's aid. Zeik-Bogge was pushed back, taking the sun with him, and Isengrim fell wearily upon the snow. The War Gods conferred and agreed that the Sun-Boar and his kin were a threat that must be destroyed. A blood-feud was declared upon all Findahlir on that day.

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