Nesh is known as the Golden, a show of his dominion over the sun, growing crops, and the glint of riches. He has no divine bride, nor cares to take one, though it is said that some with fortunate lives are descended from one of his trysts. Nesh brings good fortune with him, hiding any he doesn't need in the claws of fine roosters or the finest laying hens; if cut off before Nesh comes back to claim it, the feet make excellent good luck charms. He is fond of fine food and drink, especially beers made from his harvests, and loves to gamble. He and Berove Quor get along well.

His hair is red as the rising sun and kept short, often spiked with lime, and his skin is the color of burnished gold. Nesh dresses richly, swathing himself in the rarest furs and most luxurious fabrics, and a necklace of gold coins clanks around his neck. He is often depicted with a green cockerel's tail. While Nesh is hardly a warlike god, he is respected among the Hroendir, as it is he who does their brewing and he who charmed the bee into sharing the secret of mead, and he who took on the duty of setting Zeik-Bogge's shield in the sky as the sun itself.

His symbol is three vertical lines with a horizontal line connecting their bottom ends, called the Golden Field. His aspect is the cockerel.

The proper term for a follower of Nesh is a Neshite.

Religions Hroendir

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