"Castles, gardens, gold and jewels
Contentment signify, for fools
Like Princess Nell; but those
Who cultivate their wit
Like King Coyote and his crows
Compile their power bit by bit
And hide it places no one knows."

- Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age

Nornagest (or Gest for short) is an administrator of Lament with both code and theme responsibilities. He may be blamed (among other things) for most of Kungesvald, various skills, several perversions of the combat system, layered clothing, the lack of a housing system, and many aspects of the thematic background including the majority of the Way; much of his attention currently goes into Ydra and Rekkuris. He is also responsible for the MUD's finances, managing the domain name, and various lesser administrative tasks. He is accessible via channels and mudmail for questions regarding the setting or the MUD's technicalities, and can settle most complaints and administrative issues if absolutely necessary. He is vast, cool, and unsympathetic.

Among other things, Gest takes research very seriously; he is usually available for comments on issues of historicity or technical feasibility within the MUD's setting. He has been accused of being a soulless robot but is in fact more than 33% organic.

Real life imposes stern and unpredictable demands. Gest may therefore be unseen or unproductive for periods of a couple months at a time. However, his current projects include combat improvements and a new death system.

He has no dedicated Lament email address, but maintains moc.liamg|nimda.ssalgtsohg#moc.liamg|nimda.ssalgtsohg and can be reached at moc.liamtoh|1502_niur#moc.liamtoh|1502_niur.

His sin is pride. His virtue is fortitude. His governing Arcanum is the Knight of Swords.

His player account is Grettir.


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