Ocean Roleplaying Tips

While Sethzelorahn has fallen, there are still those who make their lives in or near the sea; from the traders of Moorva to the ice-walkers of the Isle of Blain, the vastness of the ocean influences many. While they vary from region to region, those who live upon the waves are universally a hardened, earthy people who have usually seen more than a few friends or loved ones taken from them by storms or other misfortune. Superstitions are especially popular among their lot, with even the most capricious gods or spirits considered an improvement over going to sea without allies. You likely have a bit of contempt for those who spend their lives on dry land. Seafaring peoples tend to live hard and play harder, experiencing life to the absolute fullest (or at least most carnal), as each day brings a thousand new ways to die with it.

If you are unlucky enough to be visited by the dreams of the ocean gone by, you will be prone to madness or melancholy unless you have an immense source of mental fortitude. Sometimes there will be pictures or symbols in your head, though you can make them go away through expressing them in a physical state (though whether this is through a work of art or carving them into your leg is up to you). You may also find yourself attracted to music or that you constantly hum or whistle as you go, and can become obsessed with researching lost songs of the livathi if your mind continues to believe it belongs in the ancient days of the ocean.

Regions Ocean

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