Old Liidhaga

While still arguably the most civilized and intact city remaining in the known world, Liidhaga once expanded much further to the east. Status in the city was measured by ownership of elaborate stonework buildings, most of which were destroyed in the Great Wave. Now, all that remains of Old Liidhaga are those few spires and wats remaining above water in the slums of the city.

Where the older merchant families have left the ruins to sink into the swampland, the poor and adventurous have snuck in, creating a diverse and often dangerous neighborhood out of broken boards and sinking spires. Escaped slaves, criminals, and newer families all seek to make their living rebuilding what remains and dredging up the treasures of a dying age. Kebab houses operate between hovels, workshops cater to small collections of families, and lamps glow brightly in the moss-streaked windows of mansions reclaimed by the Black Leaf Shipping Consortium and the the Ghoor family.

Cities Liidhaga

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