Order Of The Exalted Word

The Order of The Exalted Word is concerned with the metaphorical word that expresses ideal form of each and every thing in existence. Members and laypeople of the Order believe that by studying the ideal of each item and seeking to understand and unravel the nature of scientific and philosophical puzzles, the true word which expresses Divinity may be found, and the dissolution of self sought by followers of the Sevenfold Method will be obtained. It is believed that with the true name of ones self, one may at last achieve enlightenment and return to the Sea of Divinity.

Among other pursuits, the Order gravitates naturally towards the care and maintenance of written works. Books, tablets, scrolls, and other material are often considered to be a near-sacred charge, with the destruction of the word being ranked as something close to blasphemy. As part of this charge, the most famous branch of the organization oversees the Great Library of Liidhaga alongside the Order of the Saint of Birds, and also manage a nearby scriptorium dedicated to preserving the written word.

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