The wind swept like a sword across the edges of the ridgeline, raising thin veils of silver against the relentless blue of the sky. Atop her narrow outcropping of ice, Brigg raised her shield as a ward against the glaring sun as she gazed down into the long channel carved into the very surface of the mountain.

Beneath, twisting over the rocky wastes and the bones of the earth, dark against the surrounding snow, a channel of grey ran, unimpeded by the perpetual winter of The Rim of the Sky. Crouching low, she could spot the twisting glitter of the water running free through ancient masonry and the patterns of deep-set triangles in the sides.

Brigg's fingers twisted briefly at her throat, loosening the sign of the Golden Rooster from the mink furs that warmed her neck. With a brief prayer to the winds, she loosened the bearded axe from her back and knelt, preparing to descend the ice towards the strange, half-ruined canal. Nesh, she whispered to the howling voice of winter, Nesh of the luck, give me treasure to heap at your altar. Nesh, protect me from the ghosts of the fallen and the Father of Snows.

With that, she was over the edge and down the cliff, towards the canal, dagger over dagger into the pits of rock and ice. Her boots scrabbled briefly at the stone, seeking purchase as she slithered over the side of the mountain. With a convulsive swallow, she found brief, precarious stability and began to work her dagger loose. Nesh, she prayed, Nesh, keep me from lying with Yago's children in their cursed waters…


Qlithoth was a relur nation that played a part in destroying Anishma. Its remains are found across the many mountains and valleys north of Ydra.

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