Qlithoth Culture

In the time before the Long Winter, Qlithoth was populated by a stratified society based heavily around refining the form in search of a solution that would allow individuals to transcend physical form and escape dissolution into the great sea of divinity. This quest was strongly geared towards improving and reducing the physical form, often with the end result of death or incredibly fragile entities with disturbingly sharp minds. While superficially similar to the Sevenfold Method, its methods and philosophies differed wildly.

Remaining signs of this nation can be seen in the crumbling aqueducts and reservoirs in the mountains north of Ydra; these fed Qlithoth's significant interest in raising exotic, bizarre plants and food for their native slave population.

Though the land is harsh, the few who inhabit it are either driven mad by the endless snows and the ruins of a dead nation or hardy, resilient sorts who survive off of hunting the wildlife in the foothills and trading out the few treasures harvested from "safer" portions of the canals and reservoirs.

Far different from Isle of Blain, the souls that live here have an almost all-consuming fear of cannibals: those who sup on the meat of their brethren are rumored to become akin to the eyeless, mouthless monsters rumored to howl around the eaves in the dead of night. Superstition speaks often of ice witches who sing down blizzards from highest peaks, command the wild mountain men, and call the ghosts of the long-dead relurim from their graves to ensnare entire families into bestial creations.

Regions Qlithoth

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