Ranged Combat

There are several options for ranged combat on Lament, and while they each have their own quirks, they also share several basic mechanics.

It is always easier to hit a closer target than one which is farther away, and the faster a target is moving the harder they are to hit; the only time this doesn't apply is when the target is approaching the attacker. While hitting a target at point-blank range is easiest, a character won't learn any skill from doing so.

Bows and crossbows cannot be dodged, assuming the shooter's aim is true, but projectiles fired from them can be blocked with a shield. Lower-velocity attacks, such as sling bullets or thrown knives, can be dodged in addition to being blocked, although shield blocking is easier than dodging. Shields are far and away the best defense from ranged attacks. Smaller, lighter ammo is also harder to dodge when fired from a ranged weapon; this is most noticeable with slings and thrown objects between one and five pounds.

Ranged ammunition can lodge in a wood, reed, or living target if it primarily does piercing or slashing damage; piercing-type ammunition is far more likely to lodge in something than slashing ammunition. If a target cannot be lodged, any ammo striking it will be significantly more damaged upon impact than it would from striking a softer target; for example, an arrow will remain in better condition for longer if it is fired at a practice target instead of a stone. Ammo that primarily does blunt damage will not lodge at all regardless of target.

If a ranged weapon uses ammo that can be acquired from a room via the "get" command (such as slings and stones), the ammo will disappear after striking the target to keep from making a mess.

Archery: nocking and firing arrows from a bow
Crossbow: cocking and firing a crossbow loaded with bolts
Sling: twirling a sling overhead before firing a rock or bullet at a target
Throwing: hefting objects at, or to, a specific target

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