Rekkuris is a warm, dry region east and slightly north of Darcant. The wastelands of Anishma lie to its north. It was previously a relur nation, but now boasts a sizable menhit population.

Ydra is several hundred miles north of Rekkuris, on the other side of Anishma, so trade with that region usually involves sea travel. Moorva is across the ocean to the northwest.

Much of Rekkuris' area is covered by the Sea of Grass, a vast inland savanna. The northern parts of the Lediri Desert are normally considered part of modern Rekkuris as well, although the ruined nation of Sen Yasharen covers most of that expanse; given the current political state of the world, exactly where Rekkuris's influence ends and what remains of Sen Yasharen begins is not terribly clear.

The Kruashiki River winds through the south of the region, leading towards Darcant to the west. Due to the fertility of its floodplains, the delta and river valley of the Kruashiki are well-suited to agriculture and inhabited mainly by settlements of omnivorous humans and goblins; isolated populations of dhajas also exist. Small villages of menhit fisherfolk have grown up near the river, but the greater bulk of Rekkuris' menhit population, at least outside of Salvation, exists as nomadic herding bands in the Sea of Grass, the nearby hills and highland steppes, and the northern Lediri.

Sea of Grass
Kruashiki River

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