Rekkuris Names

Natives of Salvation and the surrounding region are likely to have names that are Egyptian, Greek, or Hebrew in origin, or names that evoke the languages of said cultures. The native language of Rekkuris is Plaintongue, leaning towards heavy consonants and accented vowels. Those born in or near Salvation take their surnames from whichever family, warband, or similar group they currently belong to, changing names with their loyalties; in formal situations where disambiguation is needed, men are referred to as "son of [father's name]" and women are referred to as "daughter of [mother's name]."

A few sample names are provided below for your convenience; you are more than welcome to select a name not on this list.

.            MEN'S NAMES                        WOMEN'S NAMES
           -------------                      ---------------
              Akhom                               Aloli
              Calisto                             Bryony
              Dov                                 Chava
              Hamon                               Elah
              Itennu                              Galen
              Khai                                Hadassah
              Lykaios                             Jael
              Meir                                Liorit
              Nebtawi                             Meital
              Oba                                 Nafrini
              Priam                               Peda
              Raanan                              Raisel
              Shai                                Sheba
              Theron                              Vardah
              Yaniv                               Woserit

SURNAMES: of Clouded Skies Tribe, of Highrock Band, of Marrowshatter Warband, of Quiet Sorrow Band, of Reedcutter Tribe, of Singing Grass Tribe

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