“My grandfather’s grandfather saw them once. They were taller than birch saplings, and parts of them gleamed like stars in the sky. He said they dressed like the ship-builders do, except even more finely, and they wore strange jewelry. They could cause a man’s leg to wither if they wished it, and speak to the beasts of the field, and call up a hailstorm in the middle of a sunny day. They were kind in the same way a man who fattens a pig is kind, and cruel in the same way a man who beats a slave to death is cruel. They are dead, long dead, after tearing out one another’s throats and splitting open the sky like rotten fruit. My grandfather told me this, and I will tell it to you, so you do not forget who chained winter to our land.” – Lekka Stand-Tall, Aiseweg, Isle of Blain

“We were forged on the anvil of flesh by the relurim, and it was they who kindled the spark of wisdom in our hearts, but despite all this we owe them nothing but our hate. That is all you need to know.” – Benjamin of Hundred-Herons Band, Salvation, Rekkuris

“There is a statue down in the ruined garden that was made by a relur craftsman, and they say it is a self-portrait. It’s an almost serpentine figure that seems both man and woman, yet also neither, and one hand clutches an urn from which flowering vines tumble. Its face is strange, yet very kind. Moss does not grow upon the marble. I don’t know how much is art and how much is truth, but it is very beautiful. Perhaps they did not kill each other in warfare, as they say, but left willingly, realizing that this world is too ugly for the likes of they.” – Melishin Dhuruth, unnamed settlement, Moorva

“Relurim were Yago’s brood, carved from frozen hunks of his own spite to cause woe for the blood of the wolf. They were horned like their dread father, and gaunt like the stone-seal men from across the waters, and could work his dominion like no witch or spirit-chaser could. In their eyes were fire and in their mouths was lightning. They did not know of their father because he knew they would work against him if they knew of their true purpose, for who would dare defy the Hroendir but their own creations? You see them no more because Yago’s deed is done; he is pulling the world back towards its wild beginnings, far from the works of man and god, so he might cast down his brother, our Lord Isengrim, and rule the frozen chaos as he likes.” – Piter Ulricsson, Kungesvald, Ydra

“I don’t think they was around the way people some say they did, bein’ half-alive and half-ghost and half a lot of things. I think they was beasties as normal as you or me, if shaped more aberrantly than man or woman who’s normal-born, and we’ve given ‘em their name to pretend it ain’t our fault we’re killing ourselves slowly.” – Olomer Dubeprind, Loa Saray, Darcant

Singular: relur
Plural: relurim
Pronunciation: ray-loor, IPA: /'reɪl-ur/

Avg. Height: 208cm/6'10"
Avg. Weight: 91kg/200 lbs.

A relur (no classification) was a tall, otherworldly being of astonishing intellect and magical acumen. While no two were entirely alike, they tended to have antlers, drawn-out features, and an eerie plantlike appearance; some are recorded as having glowing patches on their bodies, or long tails studded with thorns, or even flowering growths. It is not immediately known where they came from, as they are a younger people than most species, but at one point in history there were four great nations peopled almost entirely by relurim (Anishma, Rekkuris, Qlithoth, and Sen Yasharen), and countless smaller factions.

Relurim, particularly those of Rekkuris, created the menhit.

They are now, as a species, extinct, thanks to their mutually-assured destruction during the wars with themselves and Sethzelorahn that incited the Long Winter.

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