Roghasoldarian is the Mother of Agony, though one might find her love of slaughter at odds with her healer's hands. She and Jaloschian are together known as the Dreadful Lovers, and Berove Quor is their son. She has a seething hatred for most anything that is not another god, and delights in torturing to death those she deems unworthy. Roghasoldarian also knows the secrets of medicine and divination; the longer something is alive, she feels, the more it will suffer, leading to a more accurate reading of its entrails when it passes.

She is a mad-eyed woman with taloned hands and a long, tufted tail, her gray hair kept in a plait. She wears white robes with embroidered red borders, often heavily stained with blood, and regularly adorns herself with the glint of silver or any trinkets Jaloschian creates for her with his tricks. The sickle at her side is put to terrible use when she takes to the field, and she ensnares her prey with chains; even for one of the warlike Hroendir, she is violent, unstable creature. Roghasoldarian's followers tend to be self-destructive in one way or another.

Her symbol is a diamond with a horizontal line through its upper and lower points, called the Eternal Wound. Her aspect is the alphyn.

The proper term for a follower of Roghasodarian is a Roghian.

Religions Hroendir

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