Rosht Minadiip The Younger

Youngest of two sons. His father was a crossbowman with the Liir family fleet, a commonsman whose relatives a generation or two ago were conscripts of Taamahn, a former city-state on the outlying isles of the Moorvic peninsula.

As Minadiip the First was of a lower (although not lowest) caste in Taamahn, he was obliged to sell his services to a tradesman to earn a higher caste mark, or to work as a laborer in the rice paddies of his nation alongside his relatives. The First opted to sever ties with his family and take on apprenticeship to a crossbow-maker. His bond was later sold to the Taamahn Council Fleet as a crossbowman aboard the Blue Serpent. This resulted in capture by Moorva; Minadiip the First served as a bondsman and servant to the Liir family as a result.

Upon serving his bond and buying his way to freedom, Minadiip the First established a crossbow shop. The family has kept the trade alive, training the eldest son in the craft.

Younger sons in the line of Minadiip generally take roles as crossbowmen or serve aboard the Liir family fleet. Rosht has sailed on several expeditions to Loa Saray and coastal settlements. His brother, Minadiip the Elder, was killed in circumstances Rosht refuses to discuss.

The Minadiip clan is relatively small, and somewhat well off. Family loyalty is affiliated to the Liir, with the shop tithing in crossbows, bodies, and coin for protection and affiliation.

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