The formation of Salvation was spearheaded by Shilalein of Morningstar Band, a menhit woman most famous for being the founder of the religion known simply as "The Way," and the city was created as a refuge for the newly-organized groups of escaped relur slaves. It is a primarily menhit city, and Plaintongue is the common language; though already fairly large and well-defended, its construction is not yet complete. It is populated mostly by menhit, although a large minority of goblins exists along with significant populations of humans, dhajas, and temeravi.

Salvation is heavily concerned with the raising of cattle, with secondary interests in leatherworking and horse breeding. They are particularly well-known for the local method of pattern-welding steel. Though it will trade with other cities, its people as a whole are fiercely determined to be as independent as possible.

The city is built on and around a natural spire of volcanic rock near the Kruashiki River, which has seen use since ancient times as a fortified settlement; most recently, it was the site of the relur fortress of Ordlec Kyosi. Though the still-smoking ruins of the fortress itself are uninhabitable, its outer defenses have been enlarged by menhit builders and form the heart of the city proper. The floodplains below have been settled as well, though the inhabitants of this part of the city are often semi-nomadic; clusters of tents are as common here as buildings, and corralled animals compete for space with the sentient races.

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