Salvation History

The volcanic spire forming the heart of Salvation has been populated since long before recorded history; well-situated and defensible, commanding passage through the Kruashiki River, it has served as a military strong point of goblin, human, and relur civilizations alike. Indeed, its soil above the bedrock is as much rubble as earth; layer on layer of ruins carpet its stone, and the vaults and catacombs of many races can be uncovered by lucky diggers.

Ordlec Kyosi, a relur-era Rekkurian stronghold, formed the last page of Salvation's history. Built as a military hub and regional capital of the relur empire, it stood uncaptured for centuries; in 915 RY, however, it finally fell to a primarily menhit force led by Shilalein Morningstar. Its buildings razed and its garrison massacred, the main body of the relur fortress has since been nothing but the most recent ruin to mar Salvation's soil. It is, however, by far the most prominent and dangerous; space and causality themselves are said to be unstable within its walls, and its broken towers have burned for more than a century.

Menhit builders, meanwhile, enlarged and fortified the relur fortress's outer defenses, slowly rebuilding the stronghold under its new name. Attracting herdsmen, traders, and Rekkurian refugees, it narrowly avoided being crushed by the relur nation's considerable military force due to Rekkuris being far too busy with the coming war to be bothered about a group of revolutionaries.

It was established as the new capital of Rekkuris in 964 RY.

Cities Salvation

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