Salvation Roleplaying Tips

As a native of Salvation, you have spent most of your life living in the shadow of the burning towers, their smoking forms a constant reminder of the obstacles your countrymen have overcome since the days of Shilalein's Rebellion. Perhaps you're a trained craftsman, perhaps you breed and sell fine horses, or perhaps you're trying to establish a scholarly tradition for your people. You are very likely to openly follow the Way, although given how much it has already splintered and adapted this doesn't necessarily mean you're on the same theological ground as your neighbors. If you do not follow some variation of the Way, you probably still cleave to tribal beliefs from your ancestors' time outside the city. Citizens of Salvation are unusually cosmopolitan for Rekkuris, and tend to know at least a handful of accurate facts about foreign lands; if you are a merchant, a scholar, or deal with travelers regularly, you probably know even more. You are prone to being independent, zealous, and orderly in deed and thought. You also are likely to view anyone from outside the city as hopelessly backwards.

If you are not a menhit or at least a second-generation native, you have probably had to deal with a not insignificant amount of species-based contempt; even if you are one of the above, it's easy to find someone in the city who is convinced you're the wrong type. Salvation has not entirely outgrown its clannish roots, and if you grew up without a social group of your own you probably experienced this first-hand. If you did have a band of your own, consider what your relationship with them was like, and whether you are still a member of the group or have either left or been forced to leave.

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