A seax is a short, single-edged sword or long knife of the Ydra region and the Isle of Blain, usually made with a straight or slightly tapered edge, a thick spine, and a clipped point located at or below the centerline of the blade; most are around two or three handspans (30-60 cm) in length. They lack pommel and quillions, but often sport metal bolsters and fittings. Used for self-defense, as a sidearm in battle, and for a variety of everyday tasks, they are carried by most free men and women of the region; they are traditionally worn horizontally on the belt, in a leather scabbard with the edge facing upwards.

Ubiquitous and with much scope for variation, seaxes and their scabbards display a great variety of forms and often serve as a display of wealth; the cheap blades of the poor may be little more than a wedge of sharp iron with an unadorned handle, while a wealthy landowner or successful raider's may be pattern-welded steel with handle and sheath worked in elaborate patterns.

The largest seaxes, called langseax, are impractical as everyday tools but make deadly weapons in close combat.

Ydra Culture

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