Sen Yasharen Culture

Sen Yasharen society was highly focused on aesthetics, perfectionism, and a particularly patronizing breed of self-superiority: its citizens felt that they bore the burden of true wisdom, and therefore had the duty of shepherding lesser beings (generally defined as any outsiders or lower class they might encounter) however they saw fit. The Yashirics saw nothing wrong with kidnapping non-relur to raise them as enlightened politiques, nor eliminating nearby tribals who threatened to taint a scenic piece of the landscape with their presence. Their culture placed a great deal of value on hospitality, especially towards the aforementioned lesser beings, and those from this nation were identified as being exceedingly polite and welcoming to the point of unnerving their guests.

Bodysculpting was particularly fashionable throughout its history. While generally not an option for those not of relur stock, exotic self-warpings like vestigial limbs were a status symbol. Less supernatural methods of self-modification, such as tattooing, piercing, or embedding decorative baubles in the flesh, also had their place. Some of the region's historical figures have been recorded as having wildly different appearances at different times of their lives; these are all perceived as being accurate, so long as the time frames given don't overlap.

Having enough water to go around was a serious concern due to the heat and lack of humidity. Sharing water was considered a sign of trust, if between equals, or of an implied debt, if given by a superior to an inferior. Most settlements were built in or around oases, with wells both natural and arcane dug into the local water table.

The Yashiric people had a great love of music and dance, often importing performers from far-off Moorva, or even Sethzelorahn. Owning an entire performing troupe was considered a sign of wealth, and trading one's artists with another was a sign of the highest esteem.

Sen Yasharen was unusual for having an extremely high tolerance of "the unenlightened" (read: non-relur species, as usual), publicly welcoming them to its lands before it fell. It had a surprisingly low expatriate attrition rate and regularly had dhajas, humans, and goblins in positions of authority; the nation was arguably a paradise so long as one wasn't enslaved, ugly, or inconvenient.

Regions Sen Yasharen

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