Sen Yasharen Roleplaying Tips

If you live in or around Sen Yasharen, you are almost certainly either a native of one of the nomadic tribes peopling the Lediri Desert or an explorer with more drive than sense; either way you are a survivor and likely very good at managing your own resources. You are used to being alone with the possible exception of your fellow explorers or family group. Outsiders are both a blessing (bringing news and possible trade opportunities) and a curse (competing for what few resources you have and possibly murderous); while new situations and places are a welcome sight to you, new people tend to be treated warily until you figure out how to react to them. It is unlikely that you know much of the world beyond what your tribe's stories say; you may never have seen another species, and aside from a general sense of loss couldn't explain much about the Long Winter. There is a very good chance that, if you're a nomad, you do not know how to read or write.

At the time of this writing it is not playably feasible to live in Sen Yasharen, so figuring out how you got from there to wherever you are now can be a good starting point: perhaps you were taken by slavers, or your people headed further north than they'd ever gone before, or maybe you finally got tired of mucking about looking for towers in the sand.

Regions Sen Yasharen

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