Themis is the host server for and Lament. She is an abstraction of a server (a virtual machine) under VMware hosted on an Apple Xserve. She holds a single dedicated Intel proc running at 2.8Ghz and 2GB of memory, with a dedicated hard drive space of 70GB. The current OS is Ubuntu Server 10.10.

Our current lab machine is a Linode virtual machine named Chamomile. She is used to test experimental and potentially disruptive changes to the driver and security model.

Themis is the first of her generation; the prior hosts were a faithful pair of Netra X1s, and went by the monikers of Nemesis and Nyx. They were decommissioned following an issue with dodgy drivers on an old and obsolete NIC chipset following an OS upgrade, and were ultimately pulled from colocation after three years due to a failing IDE drive. Both machines have been given a proper burial; after a hard drive transplant, Nemesis, the oldest of our machines, has gone on to participate in AS112 Project as a FreeBSD machine operating as part of the Internet's DNS resolution service.

More technical details on our prior machines may be found here.

Themis is currently managed by Cassandra.

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