Sethzelorahn Architecture

Sethzelorahn, being underwater, was built with no concern for stairs or an abundance of flat surfaces; it was also constructed on a livathi-centric scale, resulting in buildings as huge as one might expect from forty-foot sea monsters as architects. The average Sethzelic structure was either a tall, reinforced tower or a squat bulb of a building vaguely resembling a cavern-studded reef. Honeycombed passages connected massive rooms, their entrances at dozens of different levels. Most descriptions of Sethzelorahn are based on stories from its locals, as both the pressure and the lack of air made visiting the city in person a difficult feat for air-breathers.

Statuary, mosaics, and carvings were all popular forms of decoration, and certain wealthy sorts would import frescoes from above water. Topside settlements loyal to the city usually had a plethora of canals and fountains to accommodate their livathi visitors.

Cities Sethzelorahn

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