Sethzelorahn Clothing

Being populated almost entirely by livathi, Sethzelic fashions focused more on jewelry and similar adornments than actual body coverings, particularly those that accented the face and eyes. Piercings in moderation were also popular. Pearls and carved shells, bone, or coral were typical materials for commoners, with precious gems and rare metals reserved for the wealthy (and usually imported). Sethzelic apparel had to be able to survive being submerged in sea water for long periods of time unless it was specifically designed for a single gala or similar event; wood and leather, for example, were almost never used as materials.

On those instances when they would be dealing with above-water persons for extended periods of time, long scarves or veils wrapped about the body were employed, occasionally with decorative hoods. Non-livathi persons associating themselves with the city and its holdings usually wore form-fitting garments beneath flowing robes.

Cities Sethzelorahn

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