Sethzelorahn Roleplaying Tips

The people of Sethzelorahn are no more, swallowed by the ocean's depths during the wars with the relur nations, and much of their ways and culture have been lost; little is left beyond sunken ruins and the mournful songs of the sea some claim still rise from the city's remains. The livathi that still live there are twisted things of animal intelligence at best. While once a center of art, learning, and the pursuit of the supernatural (resulting in all the gentility and arrogance one might expect from its people), the exact details of the locals' personalities are now confined to the written record.

It is impossible to play a native of Sethzelorahn, though you may be drawn to it from other regions. If this is the case, you might not entirely understand your desire to learn about the city's past, and could even be frightened of the dreams you have of it; the libraries of Moorva can be a good place to begin your research.

Cities Sethzelorahn

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