Sewing is the skill of working with thread and fabrics to create clothing and similar useful items. It is assumed to cover most aspects of the craft, up to and including fixing small tears or performing detail work like embroidery.

This skill nearly always requires a sewing needle, thread, and varying amounts of fabric, though a knife or shears can come in handy. Certain sewn goods, particularly those requiring leather and furs, also require some leather working skill to properly complete.

Characters who can sew are also assumed to be able to knit things from balls of spun yarn, assuming they have access to knitting needles. Most knitted goods are some variation on cold-weather clothing.

It's possible to resize worn goods made with this skill by tailoring them to fit a particular character or an average member of a given species; this requires a needle and thread in addition to the appropriate amount of skill, as well as additional material if the size of the item is being increased. Metal goods like jewelry and armor can also be resized if the character in question is an accomplished smith.

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