Shes is called the Storm-Rider, a raucous god who adores the clash of sword on sword and the roar of the clouds. He is the husband of Manene and the father of the Stormcrows. He lives to fight for the sake of fighting, and carouses as fiercely as he makes war once the bloodshed has passed. Soldiers venerate him, as do any who earn their living through strength of arms, although his legendary swiftness also makes him the unlikely patron of messengers. Shes and Kakosuzar regularly quarrel over the right to rule those storms at sea.

He has blonde hair kept long and wild, the locks on either side of his face braided as his beard is, and as often as not he is depicted with great black wings on his back. Shes is rarely unprepared for battle, wearing a hauberk over his body and a feathered sash about his waist even when sleeping. Though he is proficient with all arms, as a proper warrior should be, his favorites are the spear and shield. His preferred metal is the glint of copper.

Shes's symbol, called the Storm's Hand, is a simple two-pronged crow's foot, its points facing down like a forking lightning bolt. His aspect is the thunderbird.

The proper term for a follower of Shes is a Shesite.

Religions Hroendir

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