The sling skill reflects how well a character can fire rocks or bullets from a sling. Slings are difficult to learn how to use properly. They have very high range and power, but lack velocity. It takes a while to whirl a sling over one's head before building up enough speed to fire it. Slings are one of the cheapest of the long-range weapon options to pursue, particularly because a lot of their ammo can be found for free.

A sling does not have to be loaded before being fired, checking both the character's immediate inventory and the surrounding area for suitable ammunition. If an object fired from a sling can be taken from the room, it will discard itself after definitively hitting or missing the target; for example, rocks will discard themselves in any room where they are gettable. Crafted ammunition, like lead sling bullets, will not be automatically discarded, allowing them to be gathered as normal later.

Unlike bows or crossbows, no part of a sling needs to be replaced or repaired due to normal use.

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