Stats are measurements of a character's base competencies: how strong they are, how smart they are, how fast they can run, etc.

There are sixteen stats in the world of Lament, twelve of which can be adjusted in character creation. Each species has its own averages for each stat based primarily on physical buildup; there is no "right" or "wrong" choice for character stats, although some allocations are obviously easier to work with than others.

Height: How tall a character is. Currently not changed in chargen.
Weight: How much a character weighs. Currently not changed in chargen.
Strength: Raw physical potential such as carrying weight or force of blows.
Agility: Gross motor skills such as balancing and performing athletic maneuvers.
Dexterity: Fine motor skills, especially focused on manipulating things with the hands
Perception: The non-visual senses of hearing, smell, taste, and touch.
Health: Physical constitution, resistance to poison and physical damage. Health is also factored into disease resistance and healing rate.
Endurance: How long a character can last in fighting, running, or doing a tiring activity before you pass out.
Willpower: How determined and stubborn a character can be if they want to.
Intelligence: A character's ability to process and retain information; higher intelligence gives one a better chance of learning quickly. This is a measure of a character's intelligence; only their player can provide wisdom and cleverness.
Aura: Attunement to magical energies.
Night vision: How well a character can see in low light.
Distance vision: Ability to perceive objects at a distance and a partial measure of how far a character can see around them in the wilderness.
Detail vision: How sharp a character's eyes are to details. The higher their detail vision, the better chance they'll have of seeing minute details or hidden objects/beings.

Comparative Species Stats

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