Taamahn is a dying city-state, populated mostly by dhajas, located on a series of islands southeast of Moorva. It is a hot, steamy place of hills and thick jungles. The vast majority of its land was flooded during the Great Wave, submerging hundreds of square miles of geography and leaving behind very little arable soil in addition to a decimated working class. Taamahn's highest ground is dominated by the crumbling manors of its upper castes, who live in as much isolation as they can manage and whose mental state has worsened with every passing generation. Taamahn's strength has dwindled as the Long Winter continues, its final days drawing nearer with every sunrise.

Taamahn has a very strict caste system, with its increasingly-unstable noble class ruling the remains of their nation from their closed-up estates; most nobles have some degree of military clout and own full suits of elaborate heirloom armor, though this generally goes unused in the modern day. Its priests sit just beneath its nobles and have a reputation of being ritual demon-summoners, gaining power through pacts and sacrifices, and use the threat of fiendish punishment to keep the lower classes in check. Warriors rank just below priests. Merchants and craftsmen have their own sub-tiers, their caste determining what goods they are allowed to buy, sell, or work, and all of them outclass commoners. The lowest members of Taamahn's society perform the vilest tasks required to keep their civilization going (gravedigging, handling dead animals, etc.) and are considered untouchable by their rulers and are not allowed to board ships or tread on holy ground on pain of mutilation.

During its prime, Taamahn was known for its disciplined navy and many refined forms of high art. It rivaled Moorva in economy and thoroughly outclassed its neighbor in military might, with favorable treaties with most of the relur nations over the course of its history. Most of its inhabitants were dhajas, with relurim awarded honorary noble or clerical ranks and humans interspersed among the warrior caste and below; many of its slaves were goblins captured from nearby islands or parts of Darcant. Taamahn didn't import many menhit before Rekkuris fell.

It is a miserable place to live, with most of its population composed of slaves, cultists, and starving peasants living in fear of the cultists. There are no regular ship routes that travel there. Visitors are rare, usually treasure hunters or sailors whose vessels went off-course, with the occasional slaver looking to sell cargo; while Taamahn used to take slaves in droves, nowadays any who can afford to live elsewhere collect their belongings and leave. The locals have become prone to nightmares and insanity ever since the Long Winter fell.

Taamahn has a reputation for being haunted, cursed, and riddled with hungry demons, with a very good chance of getting eaten by something indescribable. Those few who visit its lands and return to tell the tale generally see no reason to dispute this.


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