Singular: temerav
Plural: temeravi, temeravs
Pronunciation: tem-er-ahv

Avg. Height: 155cm/5’1”
Avg. Weight: 53kg/116 lbs.

A temerav is a short-furred mammalian creature somewhere between a mustelid, a felid, and a simian, similar to a bipedal fossa, buildwise. They are dextrous climbers and powerful swimmers, which (combined with their innate tolerance of both very high and very low temperatures) makes them natural travelers.

Their bodies are long and narrow, with extremely muscular tails. Much of their swimming ability comes from their tails, in fact, moving much like otters through the water; though not prehensile, a temerav’s tail is capable of surprisingly subtle movements. Up to two-thirds of their tails can be docked without impeding their speed both on land and in the water. Temeravi do not have very long arms or legs in proportion to the rest of their bodies. Their necks are thick and slightly elongated, and their muscle groupings there give them a powerful bite for creatures of their size and diet.

A member of this species has a boxy head with rounded, inconspicuous ears on either side of the face. Their features are strongly simian, ranging from resembling that of a human baby to that of a baboon; most temeravi lie somewhere between these two extremes. Temeravi have large, dark eyes that tend to have little to no sclera showing.

A temerav is covered in a layer of thick, waterproofed fur that lies close to the body, rarely longer than a few millimeters. Temerav coats have a natural subtle whorl pattern to them, which become more pronounced if the temerav wishes it; they have specialized muscles in the skin which allow them to pull their hairs into fixed groupings, a trait that comes in particularly handy in hotter climes, should they not wish to shave themselves down altogether. Their fur comes in assorted earth tones but usually has a dark, muted base color. Temeravi always have markings of some sort, ranging from stripes to spots to forehead blazes, which can come in far more extreme colors than their fur, up to and including pure white.

Temeravi do not have actual head hair, though their fur often grows slightly longer in patches on their heads, necks, and chests; in place of tresses they instead have long, silky cheek tufts like those of certain monkeys, which are able to be groomed and styled.

Both their hands and feet are clawed. A temerav’s outer two fingers are both short a knuckle, being replaced by an unusually long and sickle-like claw, though this doesn’t influence their manual dexterity negatively. The inner two toes on their feet are replaced with similar claws, although these are much blunter. Temeravi as a species have earned a reputation of being toxin-bearers, thanks to a combination of diet, direct application of poison, and occasionally sheer poor hygiene.

They are usually found in bands of their own kind, preferring to move in massive clannish groups in the form of trading caravans; the vast majority of temeravi can be found somewhere on the mainland, especially Ydra or Rekkuris.

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