Terian Rose

Terian Rose is the guardian of Thyrnirheim, the land of the dead, and the keeper of fallen souls, tending them as both gardener and jailer. Vadai is his wife, albeit in name only, as they are rarely together and share no passion for one another. When Isengrim created death, Vadai rose from the steaming carcass, and shortly after Terian Rose arrived from the void to feed. Ghosts must pass through his mouth on their way to Thyrnirheim. He is a calm, quiet god, unusual for the Hroendir, and would almost be considered kindly were it not for his strangely detatched demeanor.

He is commonly depicted as bald with dark skin, a golden crown upon his brow and smears of white paint upon his face. Terian Rose appears both ancient and ageless; his features have lines in strange places and his hands are gnarled, but his back is strong and his step quick. He tends to dress in robes of undyed sackcloth. While he is naturally associated with the rose, he is also partial to marigolds. He carries a broom which he uses to sweep the dust from the hair of the dead.

His symbol is a square with a spiral drawn within it, called the Rosen Cage. His aspect is the vulture.

The proper name for a follower of Terian Rose is a Terianic.

The Yddr idiom "dancing on Terian's tongue" means to intentionally seek out brushes with death; one who does so is a daredevil or a thrillseeker.

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